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How Do I Enable Trust in Internet Explorer?

Many of RoboCoach's features and reports won't work for you unless you enable 'trust' for "*.fantasyfootballdraft.com" and "*.sportsline.com" (without the double-quotes). Trust allows Robo to implement AJAX and create a rich user interface that acts like a desktop application.

To enable 'trust' for "*.fantasyfootballdraft.com" and "*.sportsline.com", in your IE browser menu bar click:

  1. Tools
  2. Internet Options
  3. Select 'security' tab
  4. Highlight (click) 'Trusted Sites' in the 'zone' list
  5. Click 'sites' button
  6. Enter '*.fantasyfootballdraft.com' in the 'Add This Website' textbox (without the quotes as shown below)
  7. Uncheck 'Require server verification 'https' for sites in this zone'. Click 'add' and 'ok'.
  8. Repeat the process above for *.sportsline.com
  9. Make sure 'trusted sites' is still highlighted in the top window and slide the 'security level for this zone slider all the way to the bottom so that it is set on 'low'.
  10. If your slider won't slide:
    • Click 'custom level'
    • Select 'low' from the drop down box
    • Click 'Reset'
    • In the 'Settings' window scroll down to the ‘Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe’ and click ‘prompt’ (if it is not already on 'prompt') as shown here.
  11. Click 'ok' until you close all the open windows and are back at your main browser screen.
  12. Test your new setup by executing the RoboWaiver page--if you get data in your report then it is working. If you get a little error message in the bottom left hand side of your browser it isn't working and you're probably missing MSXML (see below).
  13. Have Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 4.0 SP2 installed (this is installed by default on most computers).
Note, If repeating the process still doesn't work it most likely means that your league setup isn't correct and Robo can't calculate a report for you. Check that you have valid league rosters that match your league setup. Also, ensure that you are getting valid cheatsheet predictions (player predictions in excess of ~1000 points usually indicate that you have a misconfigured scoring setup--usually stemming from a misconfiguration of the ranges in the DF points for yards-allowed and/or points-allowed). Reconfigure your scoring and if that doesn't work contact supportDing@Dongfantasyfootballdraft.com for help, but remove the 'ding' and the 'dong' from the email address as they are just there to deter spam robots from scraping the email address.