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RoboCoach - The Deep Blue of Fantasy Fooball

Question: What is RoboCoach?
Answer:RoboCoach is a suite of the most advanced fantasy football analysis software in the industry. It can do anything a human can do. It can draft in any style draft: RoboDraft for snake drafting,RoboAuction for auction and RoboContest for contest style salary cap 'drafting'.

Robo can adjust to any scoring system and/or league setup, including flex. RoboDepth will pick weekly starters. RoboWaiver will make waiver wire pickups and RoboTrade will not only evaluate trades, but it will creatively suggest trades--trades that a human couldn't conceive of, but wish they had.

BTW, at FFD we prefer to call it Artificial Intelligence and not software. Software requires a human operator, but Robo doesn't. If your league provider, e.g., CBS Sportsline, wanted to then Robo could automatically draft and manage your team all year long for you. You wouldn't have to visit FFD once--just keep going to Sportsline and watch your wins roll-up. You could go from being in just one league to being in thousands (and winning in them all).

Bottom line, RoboCoach is a web service designed to integrate with any league management provider. In fact, this site is using the RoboCoach web service just as any league managment provider would--all the pages here are fed by a webservice we call RoboCoach Server. (check out the RoboWaiver pages--they are completely AJAX calls to the webservice).

If you have more questions about RoboCoach please submit them to johnsmithDing@Dongfantasyfootballdraft.com, but remove the spam deterring 'ding' and 'dong' from the email address, and we will post your answers here.