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fantasy football fantasy football

RoboAuction - Customized Fantasy Football Auction Draft Wizard

RoboAuction tells you:

  • Who to buy (and who to pass by).
  • Advice on how much you should pay.
  • Shows how to throw your opponents off.
  • Live, online, real-time, during the draft advice.
  • Customized to your league rules.
  • Knows your scoring system (unlike autodraft).
  • Better than a static salary cap auction cheatsheet.
  • Adjusts to unexpected auction draft events.
  • Simulates all the possibilities.
  • Can answer the 'what if' questions.
  • Gets best team for your salary cap.
  • Demo at YouTube here: Demo Customized Fantasy Football Auction Draft Advice

There is nothing to download! To begin Start RoboAuction