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How to Find your CBS Sports Fantasy Football League Sub-Domain

If you want to find your league Sub-Domain then:
  1. Go to the CBS Sports Fantasy Football site and log in.
  2. Click the link to your fantasy football home page.
  3. Look at the URL in the address bar of your INTERNET EXPLORER browser
    • RoboSynch only works with IE 6.0 OR GREATER. At FFD we are cross-browser compatible and the rest of the site is Mozilla (FireFox) ready. However, the synch process requires an ActiveX components that only comes packaged with IE and since our customers want synchronization we had to break compatibilty with Moz for this one feature.
    • 2008-06: Update: The latest FireFox 3.0 release provides a workaround and we are working on extending synch for FireFox 3.0.
    The URL should look something like this image (below):

    cbssports fantasy football league Sub-Domain

    In this example, the address bar URL shows http://joeblow.football.cbssports.com. The league subdomain is what comes after the http:// and before the .cbssports.com, i.e., joeblow.football
  4. This is optional, but to help Robo get your roster and scoring setup please visit the following CBSSports Fantasy Football web pages. Doing so will cache the pages thus speeding the RoboSynch process and preventing errors.
    • Login to your CBS Sports fantasy football league site
    • Using your CBS Sports league menu bar (the gray bar about one-quarter of the way down the CBS Sports page) visit your following league pages:
      • My Team - Roster Grid
      • League Home - Rules
      • League Home - Teams & Owners
  5. After that just complete the Robosynch form and your're off!