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fantasy football fantasy football

RoboSynch - Sportsline Fantasy Football League Synchronizer

You need to have the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer browser for this process to work. Please get it here:

We highly suggest you get the latest browser, but if you cannot install MS Internet Explorer then please try Agent 2, but note that Agent 2 does not always work.

You must allow ActiveX components for the process to work. Please change your browser settings (directions given in this page).

To change your browser settings and allow the league synchronization process to work. Please complete the following steps.

  1. You must enable 'trust' for https://www.fantasyfootballdraft.com--on the IE menu bar click 'Tools'
  2. Click 'Options'
  3. Click 'Security'
  4. Click 'Sites'
  5. Type *.fantasyfootballdraft.com in the 'add' box
  6. Clear the 'require https' checkbox and click 'OK'
  7. Click 'Default Level'
  8. Slide Bar to 'Low'
  9. Click 'yes'/'ok'
  10. Navigate back to the RoboSynch page and start the process
  11. Click 'Yes' to allow activeX.

    (if you don't get this dialog close your browser and open a new browser and try again.) If, after clicking 'yes', a new browser window opens up (it might be in the background) and starts navigating to CBS Sportsline then it is working!
  12. You may need to disable any 'script blocking' features of your virus protection software, e.g., McAfee, Norton, etc.
  13. FYI, Go here to find out more about Microsoft's ActiveX technology.